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Welcome to the Burning Wheel Wiki

Welcome to the Burning Wiki

A wiki for the Burning Wheel Roleplaying System.

The Burning Wheel is a fantasy roleplaying game in the tradition of Dungeons and Dragons. You gather together with your friends, sit around the kitchen table with dice, pencils, paper and books and play out fantastic stories.

The Mouse Guard Wiki

The Burning Empires Wiki

Getting Started

To use the wiki, you first need to:

  1. Create a login. Use the links at the top right to register and login. If you're a regular on the BW forum, Nerd NYC, or the Forge, you're encouraged to use the same login.
  2. Edit your User Page. Once you've logged in, you'll see a link to your user page in the top right. Edit that page first to tell everyone a bit about yourself. This is important. Do not dick with the wiki before you have introduced yourself. It is rude.
  3. Get Numbered. If you own one of the numbered editions of BW:R, BW:Classic or MonBu, record which number and their current location, on the Burning By Numbers pages, and make Luke happy!
  4. Enjoy! Poke around a bit. Add a Lifepath, or a Character. Detail a campaign. The BW forum is still the best place for questions and chat, but don't miss the FAQs and Errata here.

The Site FAQ has useful info for first-time Wiki users about how to create pages.

What This Wiki is For

This place is for you, the human fuel of the Burning Wheel.

Over the last few years a lot of great ideas have percolated from your games through the forum and out into... well, they just got stuck on the forum, and ended up buried under endless posts. Now you have a shiny new place to put the cherished Lifepaths you hammered out so lovingly, the cruel and unusual Spells you distilled from the tortured ether, the Campaigns of epic devastation and the Characters that wrought great change in the worlds they strode.

We are also taking the best of threads about BITs, bangs, campaign creation and running games in general, and converting them from threads to articles in the Fevered Circle. Feel free to help out with that process. This is a collaborative space for us all to feed the flames of each others' passion. Almost every page (with some administrative exceptions, like this one) is fully editable by all and sundry. Feel free to be vocal on the Site Suggestions page. All we ask is that you say who you are by loggin in, and burn!